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Visiting the UK’s capital is an absolute must. And as one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in Europe it attracts visitors from across the globe. However, it can be an expensive place to visit and will all too often burn a hefty hole in your wallet. It’s important to save those pennies when you can.

This guide shows you how to take advantage of the multitude of travel and money-saving apps on the iOS and Android platforms, to help you save cash and get the most out of your time in the Big Smoke.

HotelClub App

This nifty little app boasts savings up to 70% covering hotels across the capital. The app has a clean and easy-to-use interface providing descriptive and detailed information on each hotel. For the last-minute shopper, a localised ‘hotels near you’ feature will find the best priced hotels in your location.

Hotelclub App

The app also allows you to make reservations and manage your bookings while you travel. With 7% Members Rewards for every booking you make and availability in 15 languages and 19 currencies, this is the ultimate app to find you that cosy bed.

Available on Android and iOS (FREE)

VoucherCloud App

As the name suggests, VoucherCloud is an app for discount vouchers and offers one of the most extensive selections out there. The app covers a variety of money-saving opportunities from food to retail. It allows you to save money on big brands and local businesses. The vouchers are easy to find and use. Simply select ‘redeem offer’ and a barcode will be virtually printed to your device, ready to be shown at the point of sale.

Vouchercloud App

The app takes advantage of your GPS location to offer you the best local deals within your area, so no need to search. Simply let VoucherCloud tell you where the best deals are.

Available on Android and iOS (FREE)

Groupon App

For those of you who love to save money or have ever seen a pop-up on the internet, the name Groupon shouldn’t be a stranger to you. For the rest of us, welcome to the largest coupon website on the net. The beauty of the Groupon app is its simplicity.

Groupon App

With savings of up to 90% on all the best stuff to do, see and eat all over the city, it’s an absolute must for deal hunters in London. The app lets you use all discounts immediately, so in a couple of quick taps you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

Available on Android and iOS (FREE)

Things to Do: London App

This app is brought to you by Timeout, the well-respected website and magazine. It’s an essential download for the tech-savvy traveller. It collates all the most useful travel tips and suggestions into top ten lists for quick and easy reference. The app covers an extensive range of things to do in the capital (as the name suggests) and whether you’re a curious artist or a shopaholic, it will almost certainly have something for you.

Timeout London App

It’s more than just a money-saving tool, though. Some sifting through the vast amount of information will land you with some cheap and exciting activities near you. As with most apps, location services can be utilised to find the best deals in your area.

Available on Android only (FREE)

Redlaser Barcode & QR Scanner App

When on holiday, finding the best prices on your souvenirs can be a difficult task. You may find the currency difference problematic, or it may be hard to judge whether the price is actually a good deal or not.

Redlaser Barcode Scanner App

Redlaser allows users to scan the bar code of any product and search for prices locally and on the internet. This enables them to find the best price within a short walk of where they are staying, or to wait and get it cheaper back home from the local corner shop.

Available on Android and iOS (FREE)

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Author: Matt L is a tech and travel blogger based in London. He enjoys exploring the world for as little money as possible and finding out about the apps that will make his travel dreams a reality. He hopes to have tried a cappuccino on every continent by the time he is 35.

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