Alcohoot – Phone Breathalyzer for Smart Drinkers

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Alcohoot – Phone Breathalyzer for Smart Drinkers
Georgiana Mihaila

Remember how you’ve always had to turn down your friends when they offered you a quick drink during your visits? No need to worry about that anymore, Alchoot will let you know if you’re up for driving after a couple of drinks. The tiny gadget that plugs into your iOS or Android smartphone will measure the alcohol in your breath and alert you if does not fall into the legally allowed limit! It can even call you a cab if needed!

How accurate is the Alcohoot Breathalyzer?

According to its makers, the phone accessory/breathalyzer uses advanced law enforcement breath testing technology, consisting of top-of-the line fuel cell sensors.

Alcohoot Breathalyzer

Paired with a smart internal pump and pressure sensor. Which ensures its accuracy and renders it far more accurate than similar products currently available on the market.

Coupled with its ease of use – no pairing or installation is required. You only have to plug in the device into your headphone jack – Alcohoot may be just what a responsible (or wannabe responsible) drinker is looking for!

The breathalyzer comes with a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will last up to 500 tests without recharging, and with a USB cable for when the battery does run out.

Social integration

Promoting sobriety awareness without the ‘judging’ factor, but in a rather cool and hip manner, Alcohoot has more than one practical feature. Its founders are looking to partner with top car services like Uber, Lyft or SideCar in order to get great deal for those whose alcohol limit is way over the legally allowed. Thus making it much more attractive for them to actually give up on the idea of getting behind the wheel. Moreover, they will also get to brag to their friends on Facebook about how they made the right choice!

Alcohoot prices

While Alcohoot, at £73, might be a bit pricier than similar products, the best part is that it will never get outdated. For less than £20 (and your old version of Alcohoot), you will get a brand new breathalyzer each year!

With Alcohoot You’re in Control!

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