Top traded-in Galaxy Models reflect huge 2013 for Samsung

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Top traded-in Galaxy Models reflect huge 2013 for Samsung
Sami Colenutt

Samsung didn’t seem to stop for one day in 2013, with multiple new releases of smartphones and gadgets in their Galaxy range meaning they were always high up in the tech newsfeed.

The manufacturer’s flagship devices, namely the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, did particularly well – with the S4 seeing over 40 million unit sales by the end of October 2013, 20 million of those being sold within the first two months of its release.

Samsung Galaxy Trade ins

This is one of the most impressive releases of a non-Apple device, but of course Samsung won’t be happy until they reach numbers like that of the iPhone 5S and 5C – when nine million units were reportedly sold over the opening weekend.

Even reported battery issues with the Galaxy S4 didn’t hold Samsung back – with them simply offering free battery replacements and going on to launch a faster LTE-advanced version of the smartphone anyway.

Samsung in the trade-in market

These ongoing releases and constant sales tactics even showed in the mobile phone trade-in market, according to a new report from mobile phone and gadget trade-in site CompareMyMobile.

The Mobile Phone and Tablet Trade-in Market Report (2013-2014 edition) shows that Samsung almost doubled its trade-in volumes throughout 2013.

In Q1 the brand’s devices made up an average of 14.58 percent of all mobile phone trade-ins on CompareMyMobile – but grew to make up an average of 26.06 percent of all mobile phone trade-ins in Q4.

The Average Trade in Percentage of Samsung Phones

In Q4 2013 Samsung and Apple’s trade-in shares were closer than ever – forecasting an interesting year for trade-ins in 2014, especially with the expected release of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone in April.

Struggling brands

Site experts say that trade-ins often reflect consumer trends throughout the year. For example, BlackBerry saw its mobile phone trade-in market share drop by 3 percent from 2012 to 2013 as it struggled to produce fast-selling smartphones. More shockingly, Nokia’s mobile phone trade-in market share went from 15.21 percent in 2012 to just 3.22 percent in this year, as its smartphone failed to sell as well as Apple, Samsung and HTC models.

With many manufacturer’s shares plummeting when times get tough, it’s even more impressive that both Apple and Samsung have seen their shares grow.

High trade-in values

Samsung devices are also holding their values well. The Galaxy S4, S4 LTE, S4 Zoom, Note 3 and Note 2 all feature in the list of top twenty most valuable phones on CompareMyMobile according to the report. In fact, the Galaxy S4 is the fifth most valuable handset on the site.

Highest Handset Trade in Value

Apple still dominates the list of most valuable phones though, with a top value of £480 this year for the iPhone 5S 64GB version – beaten only by BlackBerry’s Porsche Design P’9981, which saw a high resale value of £500 due to its luxury brand connection.

Various iPhone models actually make up eight of the top ten most valuable phones on CompareMyMobile, meaning that it’s not just this year’s models which make up the list – the 2012 released iPhone 5 still makes the top ten list in every storage size.

Apple v. Samsung

Overall, the Mobile Phone and Tablet Trade-in Report (2013-2014 Edition) clearly shows that Apple still dominates the mobile phone trade-in market – but it looks like Samsung could well be on its heels.

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 possibly in March and, no doubt, an endless list of other devices to be released throughout the year – site experts believe that we could see a shift where Samsung becomes the most traded-in brand of 2014.

Can Samsung keep up this fast pace with releases? Let us know your thoughts.

Sami Colenutt

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Written By Sami Colenutt – Sami Colenutt is a technology writer from the south coast. As well as being a huge mobile phone geek she enjoys writing about anything gadget-related – from tablets and games consoles to smartphones – for anyone and everyone who wants to read it..

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  • I am not using smart phone but I have plan for Samsung Galaxy !!

    • Sami Colenutt

      You won’t have to wait long now until Samsung’s Galaxy S5! That could be worth waiting for.

  • Chris Manning

    I have had an S3 since they hit the market and I still tout it as an iPhone killer to my iPhone loving friends as a joke. It is simply an amazing little piece of tech that has changed the way I work and play! This thing works so great I am not sure when I will need an upgrade!

    • Sami Colenutt

      Thanks for the comment Chris! I have the Galaxy S4 myself and absolutely love it. Apple is still dominating the market at the moment but you never know what could happen over the next few years.

  • Angelo Karageorgos

    In my opinion, the fact that Apple has a fast pace in releases doesn’t mean that is progressing the same way as the last two iphones were pretty similar. Possibly the future belongs to Samsung as it offers more free products and is an open software. Al these come from my small experience.

    • Sami Colenutt

      Thanks for the comment Angelo. I agree – Samsung offers a huge range of products now. Apple could find it hard to compete if they carry on in this way!

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