Motorola Moto X: Hands-On Review

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Motorola Moto X: Hands-On Review

The Moto X is the latest device from Motorola to land on UK shores as the American manufacturer looks to build on the success of the hugely popular Moto G. There is no doubt that the Moto G was one of the best handsets of 2013, but now it’s the X’s time to excel and help the company steal an even greater share of the mobile market.

Moto X – Better late than never!

Although the Moto X launched last August, it has, until now, only been available across the pond in the US and Brazil. It was the first product released on the back of Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s Mobility arm in 2012.

We may only just be getting in on the action here in the UK, but it certainly looks like it’s been well worth the wait. We spent a short time with the handset to see how it shapes up.

Moto X vs. Moto G

Motorola Moto X and Moto G Compared

Which handset would you say offered the better value for money?


When it comes to looks the Moto X isn’t too dissimilar to its younger brother the Moto G. However, a few subtle dimensional differences make the X slightly sleeker and lighter, so it feels even more comfortable in the hand.

Motorola Moto X Design

Its curved back-plate featuring a woven design combined with a solid, sealed frame make this a strong yet stylish smartphone. Users can get it in black or the white version, exclusively available at Phones 4u.

Prior to developing the X, Motorola carried out thorough research to ensure it made a phone that fit perfectly in the hand of all types of user, and it seems to have got it just right with its latest offering.


The Moto X’s near edge-to-edge display is bright and colours are vivid, although we were surprised to see a pixel resolution of 312ppi, which is less than that found on the Moto G.

Moto X Display

That said, on the whole the X is still more than capable of showcasing excellent levels of detail and accurate colour reproduction.


A 1.7GHz dual-core processor is more than enough to power everything that the Moto X has to offer. While it might not be as big as some processors found in other leading handsets, there’s no doubt that it does its job well. With 2GB of RAM and Android KitKat thrown into the mix this handset doesn’t fail to impress.

Stand-out features

Touchless Control: A hands-free system which makes tasks like phoning a friend easier than ever. Simply say “OK, Google Now” and this will wake the handset up, readying it for instructions. It worked perfectly in our testing and lets you do all manner of things without even touching the display.

Quick Camera: When holding the device, shake your wrist twice and this will instantly launch the camera app. You’ll be taking pictures with the 10 megapixel lens instantly, with shots consistently high in detail and contrast. By touching anywhere on the display you can get amazing shots, every time.


We may have only had a short time to put the handset through its paces but it’s clear the Moto X is an impressive offering. Packed inside its perfectly-sized frame is the very best of Android, and a wealth of great features and innovation, which really make it stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Motorola certainly seems to be on a roll and if the Moto X follows in the footsteps of the G, which we’re sure it will, then the brand can really start to shine as a true Android competitor.

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This guest post was written by Sarah Hazelwood of Phones 4u, the mobile upgrade experts and home of #projectupgrade.

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  • EmSeeBubs

    Handset is a pretty one and the specs are as good as any but I fear they may be a bit late to the UK table, I’m a former staff member of a large network and late comers where always doomed to failure, poor Windows phone for instance.

  • mluv properties

    Not Leaving my Note 2 just yet !!!

  • Looks very nice and very interesting.

  • Sarah,

    You’ve really added a lot of information here about the Motorolo motox — you seem to really know it inside out. I suppose that’s what made the article so rich in content.

    Look forward to seeing more of you around the blogosphere.

    -Greg Smith

  • Darren Wall

    My brother recently bought a Moto G, for the price and probably double that, it’s a great handset. The X looks great however after looking at the the specs I’m a little confused as to whether its performance would be such a huge jump on the Gs. Especially considering the difference in price.

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