How The Sky Plus App Saved My Bed Time Viewing

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How The Sky Plus App Saved My Bed Time Viewing

Like millions of other people here in the UK, I am a Sky subscriber. I have access to all the TV channels which includes Sports, documentaries and entertainment. With 3 Sky boxes in my home, me my wife and my children can all access and watch what we want when we want. However until today I never considered the importance of Sky Plus or the app.

Why Do I Need The Sky Plus App?

Last night while watching TV my Sky box became unresponsive. Unlike my children I do not have multi-room setup in my bedroom, I have a cable which runs from the back of my upstairs TV downstairs to the back of my Sky box. This usually enables me to control what I watch without the need of an extra multi-room subscription.

After spending a few moments tracking down the problem I discovered that the cable connected to my downstairs Sky HD box had become loose or damaged somehow. I continued to receive a picture and sound but was unable to change channel or pause live TV.

The Sky Plus App

During the following few hours as it slowly dawned on me that I was going to be unable to watch TV in my bedroom “Oh No”. I continued with my normal nightly work routine, but when finished I decided to try and tackle my TV issue again.

It dawned on me that there must be a way, or there should be a way for me to control my Sky TV box using a mobile app. This was me clutching at straws not willing to give up, so I went ahead and typed the search term “Control Sky box with smartphone” into Google and immediately came across the Sky Plus app.

My first impression was that Google had returned me a result for sky, maybe I hadn’t been specific enough. But that’s when I noticed a reference to the Sky Plus app turning smartphones into remote controls. I quickly downloaded and installed it from Google Play and was within a few minutes happily flicking through channels and viewing my previously recorded content.

How The Sky Plus App Turned My Phone Into a Remote.

After downloading the app, I quickly went to my Sky Box to get its serial number, I found it by pressing the services button on the remote control, then scrolling to settings and then down to details.

Sky Plus App Setup

Here you will see a list of information, look for the serial number.

Next I opened up the Sky Plus app and signed in with my Sky account email address and password and clicked “Connect to Sky+ HD box” this started a search for all local Sky boxes, of which mine was one.

Sky Plus App Settings

If you can’t see an option to connect to your box, click the settings icon in the top left corner of the app and then scroll to settings, you will find it there.

After waiting for a minute or two, I was able to control my Sky box downstairs and watch TV in my bedroom, I won’t go into the details but this was possible thanks to having both my phone and HD box connected to the same Wifi network.

Would I recommend this App

In a word yes, it solved what could have been a costly problem for me, as my only alternatives would have been to spend money on a new cable at a cost of £15 or to have signed up to multi-room at £11.25 per month.

All in all I’m very happy with it, however getting used to it is another story, the planner looks different than I am used to, and there’s a whole set of other features, like catch-up TV and image viewing.

But I’ll write about that another time, in the mean time if you want to get your hands on the Sky Plus app, it is available on Android and also on iOS, click the links to be taken to the one you require.

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